Promotion and development of PVC industry

Domestic PVC industry has been trying to make our lives more convenient in various fields over the 40 years.

PVC(Poly Vinyl Chloride) is various tools and widely used for the whole industry, including building materials, automobile, electrical product, toy etc.
It has become an indispensable part of our culture.

Particularly, PVC material is excellent in chemical resistance, durability, machinability, also they have got self-extinguishability in case of fire, so it is one of a general purpose resins which are used in the largest part around the world that amount of usage has increased continually.

The advanced base of resource-circulation society construction

Furthermore, PVC saves oil resources because it takes 57 % of the materials from salt . windows, flooring, wallpaper and building materials can be substituted to prevent global warming, so this material is called ‘Resource-efficient’. Also, PVC products has a long life and if discharged as waste, through a physical recycling process, it can be recycled as a material of re-products, and excellent in resource circulation because there is no change in a basic properties.

KOVEC will improve and make the best effort for PVC products, and give knowledge and experiences about PVC with industries for healthy development and to achieve a member mutual interest. Also, we will take the lead and up on building environmental conservation and sustainable resource-circulation society for promotion recycling and provided in the law of EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility).

Ask your attention and encouragement. ​

Chairman of KOVEC